About the Work develops spaces for learning, creating, teaching, performing, working, transforming, caring, and connecting that impact thousands of people every day. We tailor our services to ensure our client’s time and effort are spent doing what they do best-their work. About the Work achieves this by providing the following services:

Strategic Planning and Programming
About the Work partners with clients to map out the project. Carefully building and driving the project team through development options establishing communication pathways, program, budget, schedule, and scope.


Owner’s Representation
About the Work guides clients throughout the design and construction process. Monitoring development partner performance, pressing for design and construction excellence, and communicating effectively to achieve on-vision, on-time, and on-budget projects.


Project Management
Aligning with the client, About the Work establishes, manages, and drives the project from design through use. Coordinating with the project team and stakeholders to accomplish a successful project.
Pre Development

Establish the project’s path for success

About the Work partners with clients to map out the project. Carefully navigating the team through development options, all the while building the project’s team, communication pathways, program, budget, schedule, scope and team.


Complete the design process successfully

Working closely with the project team, About the Work will lead internal and external stakeholders to finalize the design process, with an emphasis on approvals, coordination, communication, cost control and schedule.


Deliver projects on time and on budget

About the Work alongside the developer will efficiently monitor and navigate contractor selection, permitting and construction to deliver on time and on budget.


Operate with proficiency

About the Work will closely coordinate with the project team and you to ensure that their new building and staff are operating efficiently.

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