JCCA Bronx Headquarters

JCCA Bronx Headquarters

Creating a user-friendly space aligned with a non-profit’s vision


JCCA’s mission, to provide quality child welfare and mental health services to New York’s most vulnerable families, has been greatly enhanced by its new Bronx HQ. AtW tightly managed this project’s budget and clearly communicated the non-profit’s needs to the design team. By relieving JCCA’s leadership of the stress of a huge capital project, AtW allowed the organization to focus its effort and resources on its main purpose. The result was a user-friendly, thoughtful space aligned with JCCA’s vision, delivered within budget and on schedule.

JCCA Bronx Headquarters
Project Size
37,000 SF
Project Team
Starwood, Lehrer Cumming (LC), Michael Graves Architecture and Design (MGAD), Loring & EM Group
Project Status

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